JackRabbit’s DNA expresses everything you want in personal mobility:

  • Light – Only 20 lbs…easy for anyone to carry
  • Simple – Minimalist design enhances reliability. No chain or shifters to break or adjust
  • Safe & Stable- Low center of gravity and four points of ground contact…like an adult balance bike.
  • Compact & Stowable – Folding footrests and rotating stem reduce stowage space requirements to just 6″x 43″x48″
  • Quiet & Clean – No noisy gears or greasy chain to contend with
  • Nimble – 30″ turning radius makes for agile handling in mixed traffic situations
  • Fast & Frugal – 18 mph top speed. 13 miles on a charge. Optional 5A-h Auxiliary Battery Pack doubles range to 26 miles
  • Strong – Aluminum monocoque frame handles riders up to 220 lb
  • 5′ to 6’4″ fit – Saddle adjusts for humans of all sizes, rabbits too
  • Big Wheels – Large, fat tires roll smoothly with more traction over any terrain. More versatile than scooters or skateboards
  • Lockout Security – Proprietary detachable speed switch disables operation. No smart phone required
  • Power Cell – Built-in USB port for recharging personal devices
  • Fuel Gauge – Central LED monitor displays battery energy status
  • Quick Charge – Recharges from empty in 2 hours–much less time to top off
  • Stylin’ – Accessorize with phone carrier, cup holder, cargo rack, lights, bell, etc.
  • Ready to Ride – Arrives at your door step 98% assembled
  • Patents – No surprise that multiple patents are pending