What's up with the big back wheel?

Three things are up: its large volume of air increases comfort (think shock absorbing fat tires); bigger wheels provide better off-road traction; and its large rotational mass increases stability as speed increases (gyroscopically speaking).

This looks like fun. Can I do BMX tricks on it?

Sure, as long as you don’t stand on the footrests. They are designed only to support the weight of your legs while sitting on the saddle. Please share the non-fatal stunts you cook up!

I don't see a front brake. Is it optional?

We all know–and most by experience–that mis-application of the front brake can trigger the “over-the-handlebar” maneuver!
To minimize this unpleasant experience we did not spec a front brake. JackRabbit’s rear V-brake, low top speed and the ability to put both feet on the ground at any time have demonstrated sufficient stopping power in all of our tests.

This looks very small. Does it fold up any smaller?

We explored folding as a means to achieve compactness. We found that this approach adds weight, complexity, cost and points of potential weakness/failure. Instead, we opted for a rigid frame and the simplicity of folding footrests and a rotating handlebar to achieve our overall goals: compact, light, reliable, inexpensive.

Can you please tell me more about the battery--specifically its care and feeding?

We chose the new lithium-ion (Tesla-esque) form factor cells which pack about 35% more energy than the common 18650 cells. It takes about 2 hours to recharge them from empty (29V) to full (42V) using the 2.5 amp charger included with every JackRabbit. To get the most longevity (cycle life) top off the battery pack as often as possible. If you recharge when only a green and red LEDs are illuminated (50% full) the battery will deliver about 1000 cycles. It takes only about 40 minutes to bring the charge up from 50% (36V) to 100% (42V). No problem keeping the charger plugged in. It will stop charging automatically when 42 volts is achieved. BTW, the worse stress for the battery is to be stored in a hot environment fully charged.

How will this be shipped to me? What assembly will be required?

Your JackRabbit will come in a 48″ x 30″ x 7″ corrugated cardboard box. The only assembly required is to connect the Speed Control wire, insert the stem extension and quick-release clamp it in place. Click on this link to watch a short video of how this is done. You’ll have the option of a quick release or fixed-bolt seat post collar for adjusting the saddle height. The latter will include a 4 mm hex key. Both wheels will be torqued to spec and the brake cable will be attached and adjusted.

As a running coach is there a way to set the Jackrabbit's speed to pace my athletes alongside them on a training run?

JackRabbit can be a great instructional platform for real-time coaching. Your speed will vary depending on your weight and surface/slope conditions. In Cruise mode on a flat road speed will equate to a 6 to 7 minute/mile pace. Climb mode will move you under 4 minute/mile pace. (Makes for some nasty fartleks!) Applying some brake pressure is a good way to control small variations in speed. Mounting a standard speedometer would allow you to closely maintain any pace.

I can see myself using this as a campground and national parks cruiser when we go on road trips instead of hauling around a bike or small motorcycle, but can I recharge it with solar panels if the campsite doesn't have a plug-in?

Wow, good question. None of us thought about this application! Using a JackRabbit for getting around in a campground or for local trips is a great choice to take on the road given its no-mess, minimal storage needs, and light weight. If there isn’t a 110 VAC outlet available, any solar panel system that can supply an inverter with at least 2.5 amps of power will do, and again you can keep the charger plugged in since it will automatically turn off when the battery pack is fully charged. Thanks again for opening our eyes to this use. What else did we not envision?

Looks like a Jackrabbit could benefit my asthmatic daughter. Could she ride this to school on a bike path or would she need to stay on the road since it is motorized?

JackRabbit is technically not a e-bike, but a personal mobility device. In some states e-bikes are treated like mopeds and not allowed where typical bikes can go. Given its unique classification, JackRabbit can be ridden on bike paths as well as roadway bike lanes. Having the ability to ride a JackRabbit to school could help build the self-esteem and inclusion of anyone with restrictive endurance or physical limitations. Providing a bike-like feel of adventure and accomplishment is good medicine, not to mention non-polluting!

I notice there is a USB port on the top of the main frame. Can I recharge my phone while also riding?

Yes. The built in 5V, 1A USB port will charge your smart phone while also powering your JackRabbit. That convenient USB port can also act as a portable power source for any of your devices, i.e. while at a park or on a beach; just make sure you check your power supply with the monitor lights so you have juice to get to your next stop or quick-charge outlet. Thanks for asking. We are inspired to post a picture of a smart phone in the handlebar-mounted holder plugged into the USB port.

I have my own bike seat that I just love. Can I switch seats or does the Jackrabbit only fit certain kinds?

Good question. All JackRabbits come with a high quality Lycra-covered saddle, but our standard seat post will take any standard bike saddle. The seat post height is easy to adjust so your saddle can be set so that you can stay seated AND have both feet on the ground. This is both comfortable and safe. Having 3-points of stability comes in handy if you need free hands while stopped (phone, drink, etc.) – not something a bike or scooter can do.

Is there an owner's manual I can download?

Absolutely. You can click on this link and choose to download the JackRabbit Owner’s Manual (PDF) or left-click to open and view the manual in your browser and download it from there.